About The Group

Central to the continued success of Arrow has been its ability to adapt and flourish, defining the intrinsic nature of a local company that has transitioned and transformed itself to survive the challenges of farming and business.  Expansion of the Pearling Base at Beagle Bay delivered modern workshops and additional research and development infrastructure to support pearling operations, and also provides additional scope for marine support activities.


"With strategic alliances in the Kimberley, the Arrow team continues to work with a diverse range of companies on offshore and coastal projects in North West Australia."



Arrow has always supported a diverse workforce.  Aboriginal people from Dampier Peninsula communities, local personnel from Broome and surrounding areas, south to Bidyadanga and Onslow and north to the Torres Strait Islands, have, and still do work with Arrow.

Substantial workplace training was delivered as staff undertook work on the pearl farm initially (some embarking on their first jobs), including learning important life skills. Significant opportunities emerged as pearl farm crew became proficient divers, vessel skippers, shell handlers and pearl technicians.

As marine support related industries continued to develop, Arrow’s marine services focus expanded, and pearl farm engineers, mechanics, coxswains and vessel masters developed additional skills, knowledge and experience from a variety of new work being undertaken.

Australia’s first female Aboriginal pearl technician Jasmine Cook, a Yawuru woman, trained to be a proficient pearl technician at Arrow Pearl Company’s Beagle Bay Pearling Base.  


We take our health, safety and environmental responsibilities seriously, adhering to appropriate regulatory and industry standards in relation to safe working practices. Internal auditing processes safeguard the integrity of vessel management and maintenance systems as well as communications, safety, planning and prevention systems for operations at sea, and land based.

Fundamental to the safe operations of our vessels is our competent crew who perform their duties with great care and professionalism.  Their local knowledge of tide and current limitations has proven to be a great advantage in the Kimberley’s unique marine environment. 

Arrow’s experiential knowledge of predominant weather patterns in North West regions of Australia minimises impact risk.

Development of mitigation plans seasonally and availability of Arrow’s cyclone mooring and safe anchorage, ensures the best possible outcome.