Pearl Farm

Located on the Dampier Peninsula, 120km north of Broome, Arrow’s modern Western Australian family operated pearl farm is a surviving outpost of the culturally unique Western Australian Pearling industry that harkens back to the original Norman family endeavours from the 1880s.  


Arrow Pearl Company’s modern base on the Dampier Peninsula provides airstrip, helipad, boat ramp, water and fuel storage capability, a modern power plant, workshops, accommodation and research and aquaculture infrastructure.  The Pearling Base is also the starting and finishing point for SeaCountry Cruises, an Arrow Pearling Tourism project.

Accessible via land, sea and air, integrated logistics and marine support services at the Pearling Base include:

  • Maintenance facilities for vessels
  • Workshop
  • Engineering
  • Warehousing
  • Accommodation
  • Training / Conference facilities
  • Catering (project specific)
  • Safe vessel anchorage
  • Vessel day moorings and watch-keeping
  • Bunkering and victuals
  • Amphibious landing craft (LARC) capability
  • Careening facilities 

Arrow Pearl Company operates a wide variety of vessels including a 10.5m Amphibious Landing Craft, commonly known as Lighter, Amphibious, Resupply, Cargo vehicle (LARC).  The all-terrain vehicle is ideal for use in areas where large tides prevail or where operations involve transitioning from land to water.


The LARC doubles as a workboat with ample deck space and heavy load capability, able to efficiently provision vessels at sea. Transitioning to her vehicle capability (as she approaches the beach) she’s just as efficient dealing with shore-side operations (transporting pearl shell or other cargo).