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Seacountry cruises

SeaCountry Cruises, another Arrow Pearl Company project, is an invitation for everyone to come and visit. Join us on a 7-day adventure as we sail into the exquisite Kimberley realm.

SeaCountry Cruises guests are invited to the Arrow family pearl farm on the Dampier Peninsula north of Broome, the embarkation place for their Kimberley coastal cruise holiday.

Sharing the Kimberley journey on Arrow’s repurposed pearling motherships’, the course is set straight from the historic Beagle Bay Pearling base for the iconic Kimberley.



Accompanied by friends, family and mentors from various backgrounds, businesses and professions, Stephen Arrow undertook a journey ‘back to country’ in 2011 with Aubrey Tigan, his wife and grandchildren on Arrow’s 25m motor-sailing catamaran DMB.

Mayala Aboriginal people once populated the islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago and with their exceptional skills and knowledge of this place, they made a significant contribution to the development of the great Australian pearling industry. Travelling ‘back to country’ with Pearlers and Traditional Owners was a unique and privileged opportunity. For Aubrey, a Mayala Traditional Elder, this was his chance to pass on important knowledge.

‘Back to Country Expeditions’ focussed on the sharing of knowledge as part of Australia’s reconciliation process and was an initiative available to people and agencies wanting an alternative platform to deliver their leadership and advocacy activities. With the recent expansion of this initiative, SeaCountry Cruises was created.